Our Vision

Speaking with owner, Nicholas romanoli

Nicholas Romanoli has always had a vision for a salon where education, teamwork, creativity and excellent customer service were the core values of everyday business. "I believe that one of my strengths is my ability to see the potential in up and coming stylists. That has allowed me to bring together some of the most talented individuals from across the state, and by working together as a team we have continued to see this business thrive of the years."

"I also stress to everyone that works for me the need for them to further their education so that they may grow as a stylists; we want only the best for the clients that walk through our doors and education is a key component to achieving beautiful hair everyday."

"Over the course of past ten years we have worked so closely with the community here in Morgantown and the surrounding areas. We love that we're able to give back to those that have chosen to make us a part of their lives. Working with WVU Children's Hospital, the American Cancer Society, and so many other worthwhile causes has made a huge impact on our business and my staff."

What We've Achieved