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Courtney is a single mother of two wonderful children hailing from WV Appalachia who happened to start her spiritual and holistic journey in 2018.

“I did the healing my soul needed to return to my purpose here, alongside holistic medicine, I dove head first into skincare after battling acne all my life. I am also a spiritualist and advocate that the universe provides all the magick we need to be healthy. My goal is to offer holistic facials customized to each clients’ skin as well as body facial services, body scrubs, body waxing, and vagacials utilizing all natural ingredients for the purpose of healing the skin from the inside out paired with energy work, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and tuning fork therapy. I strive to create a judgement-free, harmonious healing space of love and light to help relax the mind, calm the soul, treat the body, and balance the inner self. My purpose here is to love you, for it is all I know.”

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